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Omni212 IT Training 

Unlimited Training* 

Now you can enjoy unlimited training from Omni212. 

Look for Asterisk* on Omni212 Eventbrite courses.

Any course published by Omni212 on eventbrite with *Asterisk* on the course title can be taken individually as well as a part of the Unlimited training program.

These are the terms and conditions:

  • Unlimited training periods consist of 1, 3, 6, 9 and 12 months respectively. See appropriate ticket type for price.

  • You will have access to the training material, class recordings, across all of the published courses whether you attend or do not attend the Live Instructor Led Online sessions for the unlimited period purchased by you. 

  • You will loose all access after your unlimited training period expires unless you are already enrolled in the course(s) which began within the unlimited training period (UTP) you registered for and continue beyond the end of the UTP

  • All of the course material, class recordings are yours to keep. You can download.

  • Your unlimited training period will start from the first session of the first course that you take.

  • This applies only for the courses published by Omni212 on Eventbrite.

  • Students may enroll in a course and complete the course even if it starts on the last day of the Unlimited period.

  • While Omni212 strives to maximize the benefit for the students who purchase any of the unlimited training periods, this program applies only to the published courses for the purchased time period. 

  • Although we will strive to have all of these courses published and available for you to take, we cannot guarantee that all the courses under each unlimited period will be available and published.

  • Course Availability and schedule is subject to availability of the instructors, enough enrollment, no overflow.

The following courses, if avaiable, if published and if held as originally scheduled will be available for unlimited training program:

BRONZE - Included in Unlimited Training for 1 month 

       1. Big Data, Analytics & Hadoop

       2. Cloud Computing Level 100

       3. Artifical Intelligence Level 100

       4. Tableau 

       5. Scrum Master

       6. Certified Ethical Hacking 

       7. Machine Learning 

       8. How to Ace the Tech Interview 

       9. PMP 


SILVER - Included in Unlimited training for 3 months

       1. All courses included in Unlimited training for 1 month

       2. Cloud Computing Level 200

       3. Data Science Level 100

       4. Artifical Intelligence Level 200

       5. DevOps 

       6. Learn to Code from Scratch


GOLD - Included in Unlimited training for 6 months

       1.All courses included in Unlimited training for 3 months

       2. AWS (Amazon Web Services) Level 100

       3. Data Structures & Algorithms 

       4. Microsoft Cloud (Azure) Level 100

       5. Design Thinking 

       6. Microsoft Office 365


PLATINUM - Included in Unlimited training for 9 months

       1. All courses included in Unlimited training for 6 months

       2. Data Science Level 200

       4. Artifical Intelligence Level 200

       5. AWS (Amazon Web Services) - Level 200

       6. How to Ace the Tech Interview 


DIAMOND - Included in Unlimited training for 12 months

       1. All courses included in Unlimited training for 9 months

        2. IoT 

        3. Software Testing 

        4. SDET (Automation Testing)


        6. Microsoft Dynamics 365 

        7. SQL BI 

Why Unlimited Training AI, Analytics, Big Data, Cloud, Data Science, IoT, Machine Learning, Cybersecurity & More from Omni212?

1. Our Vision is to bring high quality, affordable Live Instructor led Online tech education to everyone around the world whether you are a student or an employee. 

2. Our Mission is to touch the lives of everyone who knows how to use a computer through our Global tech education program.

2. Our Instructors are highly qualified with either Ph.D. or Master's in their areas of expertise with many years of work experience in the Corporate world.

3. Employees of Microsoft; Dept. of Homeland Security; TD Ameritrade; city, county and federal employees and other organizations have taken our classes.

4. Those with US Top Security Clearance have taken our class.

5 Upon Registration and payment, immediate access to all the available course material on the cloud is immediately provided. 

6. Class recordings for all class will be made available.

7. Post class support

8. Career advancement and Job placement assistance 

Video Conference link

For each course will be sent separately


1. There are no refunds.

2. If for any reason, students decide not to take this class, the class is rescheduled or cancelled, the payment can be applied towards any future course by Omni212.