Wing Chun Kung-Fu Minneapolis - St. Paul

Wing Chun MSP with EBMAS Twin Cities offers Wing Chun Kung-Fu Classes in south Minneapolis near Uptown MN. 1st class is always free and we look forward to having you come in and check us out! We offer self-defense classes that utilize Wing Chun Kung-Fu for asocial encounters. We will show you how to defend yourself against a bigger and faster opponent. While training you will also learn the complete martial art system of Wing Chun Kung-Fu. This includes our unquie system of tactile reflex training commonly called sticky hands or chi sau. You will be shown all five distances of unarmed combat and how to apply the Wing Chun system to them. This includes the Kicking, Punching, Knee and Elbow, Grappling (standing) and Ground fighting distances. We are a close quarters striking martial art that has a balance of both hard and soft applications. We are always looking for new students at or over the age of 18 (unless attending class with an adult). We will accept anyone with any level of knowledge in martial arts as long as they have an open attitude and are willing to learn a new system of self-defense. Hope to see you soon!

Sifu Andrew Mills