2017 JASON LYLE BLACK-The Backwards Piano Man®

Tickets are available Nov 19 at 4pm.

Please order ONLY the number of tickets you are sure you will use. 

Choose from 2 ticket options:
1) Show Only (FREE), or
2) Show & CD ($20)

Doors open at 6PM. [Unused tickets EXPIRE at 6:45PM]

There’s a reason Jason Lyle Black is dubbed “the most unique concert pianist you’ve ever seen!”  Black’s combination of familiar music, comedy, and improv leaves audiences laughing and crying in the same night.  As a composer, Black took the #1 and #2 spots on the iTunes and Billboard music charts with his original album Piano Preludes, and his music videos have reached more than 30 million people around the world. Dubbed “Incredible” by TIME magazine; “Spot-on” by Huffington Post; and “Unbelievable!” by Ellen Degeneres, Black presents a one-of-a-kind piano experience you’ll never forget!  Great for all ages. 

Get an autographed copy of Piano Preludes - the #1 charting album from Jason Lyle Black. Contains 15 original compositions for piano and strings, designed to invite the Spirit and provide a peaceful environment in your home.  The album is all instrumental and features Grammy-nominated violinist Jenny Oaks Baker on the song "Champs-Élysées" (as performed last year on Temple Hill).

IF tickets are sold out, check back at for updates on any returned tickets that may become available.

These performances are a gift to the community.

The show tickets are not for sale and hold no monetary value.

Please do not sell them to anyone and do not pay for these tickets, other than the purchase of CDs.

Thank you for your continued support of this wonderful production, and best wishes for a delightful holiday season.