Quality Coaching

A Quality Coach is a youth program professional who helps someone improve their program or the way they work with youth.  This workshop focuses on helping staff improve through one-on-one consultation.  The Quality Coaching method is based on the three main concepts of respect, observe, and support. The idea is to maximize productivity in the supervisor-staff relationship by starting with a foundation of respect, taking time to observe staff at the point of service and then supporting staff to develop professionally.

Whether or not you manage or supervisor staff, this training will help you guide and support colleagues.

 Participants will be able to:

  • Understand what a coach is

  • Conduct observation-reflection

  • Assess where they currently are with coaching

  • Understand underlying theory of coaching and observation-reflection

  • Transfer theory to new situations (all the little things you do as a manager).

Let’s face it; you have a lot going on in your role. Between schedules, budgets, staff coverage and the kids, it can be easy to forget your coaching role in the midst of it all. But coaching is about helping your staff and colleagues do better at their jobs, which gives the kids in your program a better experience, which is, of course, the whole point of what you do.