Silent Disco x City Hall Winter Market

Silent disco is the dance party you never knew you always wanted! This all-ages, family friendly event is taking place at the Winter Market at Boston's City Hall Plaza, where you can shop for handmade products, eat locally-made foods, enjoy a hot (or boozy) drink, and skate on an icy pathway! 

With silent disco, you will find yourself laughing and singing while you dance to our live DJs in virtual silence wearing our LED-lit wireless headsets.  These headsets will work throughout the venue.  You can adjust your own volume and choose between 3 types of music on your headsets. Electronic will play on the blue channel, while mashups play on red, and top hits 60s-2000s play on green.  The color changes according to music station, so you can see what people around you are dancing to.  Early bird tickets are available for a limited time, so get yours soon!  

*A credit card, debit card, ID, or $20 cash is required as collateral for use of EACH headset (ex: if you have a family of 4, we will require 4 pieces of collateral).  Please don't steal our headphones. They won't work at home.