The Enemy

The Enemy is a groundbreaking interactive Virtual Reality (VR) exhibition and immersive experience, by Karim Ben Khelifa.

Using virtual reality headsets, exhibition participants will encounter real, 360-degree imaging and recordings of combatants on opposite sides of international conflicts in Israel/Palestine, The Congo, and El Salvador. In their own words, the combatants will offer personal perspectives on war, including motivations, suffering, freedom, and thoughts on the future.

Timed entry to 
The Enemy will be limited (5 visitors per quarter hour) and pre-registration is strongly suggested.  

To register, please select a day and start time:
1. Choose a date from the options on the right 
2. Wait for a blue “Register” button to appear 
3. Select the Register button and choose a time 

Once you have completed the registration form, you will receive an email confirmation. 


Please allow 1½ hour to complete the experience. 

Please arrive 10 minutes before your entry time to allow for check-in. Visitors arriving after their allotted entry time may forfeit the right to enter. Free-of-charge lockers and coat racks are available adjacent to the exhibition.

Cost: Daytime: $10 per person. Friday evenings: $20 per person. No discounts. Cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion. No refunds or exchanges. Does not include Museum admission.

Parent/Guardian/Adult discretion advised. Unlike many virtual reality experiences, The Enemy is not a game. Its subject matter deals with serious issues and contains honest, but sometimes disturbing content about actual geopolitical conflicts and combatants. It is not recommended for children under 14.

Specially trained staff will assist and monitor participants throughout the experience. You will remain in a standing position and must be able to carry a backpack weighing 8 lbs. for one hour. Please wear comfortable shoes.

You will be equipped with a virtual reality headset and headphones. The headset is equipped with a view adjuster, allowing modifications to its focus. Although wearing eyeglasses under the headset is possible, certain models or styles might prove uncomfortable. Contacts lenses, if an option, are recommended.

This is an immersive experience. For security and safety reasons, adults will not be allowed to carry children, strollers are prohibited, and children cannot be left unattended.

Technology used in The Enemy uses cellular waves that may interfere with the electrical signals in cardiac stimulators.  

If you are pregnant, or if you suffer from known visual or neuropsychological disorders, we recommend that you visit your doctor for advice before using virtual reality headsets.

This version of The Enemy is not adapted for the hard of hearing or the visually impaired.

The Enemy is wheelchair accessible, but requires additional guidance. Please contact us at to arrange your visit. 

Available in English and French.


The Enemy is organized by the MIT Museum and Camera lucida.