Executive Briefing - Diamond Inclusiveness Group for Government Entities

Complimentary Event For Government Leaders, by Invitation Only

(Request an Invitation by Contacting the Organizer)

Join CultureBrokers® LLC for one hour to learn how the upcoming Diamond Inclusiveness™ Group (DIG) can help your government agency develop a powerful, yet highly practical work plan for immediately improving your cultural diversity, inclusion and equity performance.

Can't make it on this day? Register for the November 17 briefing or contact the Organizer for other options.

Twin Cities Government Level 1 Cohort Launches January 2018

The Diamond Inclusiveness™ Group (DIG) Government Sector Cohort Level 1 is a seven-month program to help team(s) from your government agency, division, department or unit quickly develop a Diamond Inclusiveness™ Action Plan – a strategic, practical roadmap to help deliver meaningful improvement toward equity results within its first year of implementation. After creating your plan, you can execute it on your own, or continue with the Level 2 program to develop valuable implementation skills and receive targeted support during the critical execution phase.

The DIG provides intensive, government specific, cohort-based, holistic training and development. This program is designed to guide up to five sets of teams through the process of developing a viable, equity-focused work plan.

This Level 1 Program is the Right Fit if:

  • You need to create a strategic plan for addressing equity issues.

  • You need to improve results and reputation with culturally diverse employees, customers, program participants, vendors, partners, allies, and communities.

  • You want to gain the trust of culturally diverse stakeholders.

  • You want to recognize areas of strength, uncover potential barriers and expose blind spots that could be affecting diversity, inclusion and equity efforts. 

  • You might like to involve other stakeholders (such as residents, vendors, legislators, nonprofits, etc.) in helping improve your intercultural performance.

  • You want to work with someone local who knows your landscape and has helped other agencies get results.

Whether your agency is just starting out on this journey, whether it is farther down that path, or whether it has stalled in its progress, this program will help you move to results quickly and sustainably.


Heightened awareness of racial and cultural disparities has focused attention on the need to ensure that certain groups have adequate access to government services and receive fair treatment. Two pressing questions facing agencies are 1) what policies, practices, and situations to improve, and 2) how to implement and sustain improvement over time. Also, agencies seeking to engage in equity work face many obstacles, including legal and financial constraints, lack of administrative capacity, and political barriers.

But, equity is possible.

That’s the attitude of CultureBrokers® LLC. And that’s the attitude of government entities that have used our Diamond Inclusiveness™ process to get results from their diversity and inclusion efforts. Based on our work over the last twelve years, and game-changing Diamond Inclusiveness™ Assessment, we developed a cost-effective program to better support agencies like yours that are committed to equity. Let CultureBrokers guide your team through a proven set of concepts, models, assessments, and activities and help you deliver on your agency’s commitment to equity.