More Better Conversations

The way we talk to each other has a powerful effect on employee productivity, engagement, and even retention.  Our conversations create our work cultures, for better or worse, whether we realize it or not. 

Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) provides a framework to determine if conversation habits are helping or hurting our workplace culture.  It integrates current research in neuroscience with simple, powerful tools to recognize what’s happening in conversations.

Sometimes conversations go very well.  You’re engaged, energized, creative – and able to solve problems, even very hard ones.

Sometimes they go badly.  People engage defensive thinking and behaviors.  They shut down and shut up.  They may attack, argue, and try to “win” at all costs.

What if a lunchtime workshop could give you insights about what you do well - and badly - with your conversations?

What if it gave you some different tools and approaches that could help your employees give their best and more fully engage their brains in their work?