FREE Start Smart Class - Dougherty Valley High School

This Start Smart class is part of the San Ramon Valley’s Street Smarts program and is a partnership between CHP,  Street Smarts, and the San Ramon Valley Unified School District (SRVUSD). SRVUSD students AND their parent/guardian MUST attend a CHP Start Smart class in order to be eligible for a 2018-2019 parking permit.  While this class is specifically for SRVUSD students and must be taken at one of the four listed High Schools for SRVUSD students, all California students are welcome to register and attend.

Start Smart is a FREE two hour highly impactful interactive traffic safety class designed for drivers or soon to be drivers 15-19 years of age and their parents to discuss the serious laws, obligations, responsibilities, and family expectations that are part of driving a vehicle. Despite safer vehicles, better roads, and countless driving programs, the numbers of young drivers who have lost their lives due to traffic collisions have remained fairly constant. However, these deaths and injuries can be substantially reduced by eliminating high-risk behaviors.

Upon attending the class, students will receive a certificate of completion and it’s recommended that students hold on to this certificate.