UB City-Wide Fundraising Dinner Party

On Wednesday November 15, we are inviting Christians throughout the city to a city-wide dinner party! Imagine sitting down to dinner with Christians in your neighborhood, celebrating how God is at work in our lives, congregations, and city. We will sit by neighborhood as a chance for you to experience the dinner parties that we are launching throughout the city. 

This is a fundraiser for UniteBoston's ministry, so you will also be given the opportunity to give to our work which builds relational connections across historic divides within Boston's Christian community. 

Together, we are the body of Christ, yet often we focus on what divides us. Come and be enriched by the beautiful diversity of Christians in our city. Let's eat, dream, and align towards gospel movement in Boston - We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday November 15th!

Learn more about UniteBoston dinner parties here:

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