Because when Michael Jordan was recruited by the Tunes Squad for a b-ball faceoff — he said YES.

Thursday November 16th, meet us at La Fábrica Central, a super vibey jazz lounge, that's about to be our launching pad into the stratosphere of happy. We're creating our own kind of Space Jam, complete with tunes by DJ Karen Santana, live performances, a b-ball flair and tons of surprises that are ... wait for it ... out of this world.

So rally together your hoops crew. Alleyoooop. Then don the bball jerseys and outer space threads (as in, if you know how to make one of those tin foil hats, go for it.)

See you on the dance floor. 

+ Yoga 6 - 7am
+ Dance Party 7 - 9am
+ Featuring DJ Karen Santana
+ Free coffee, healthy beverages and breakfast bites

+ Live performances & special surprises