Turkish Language Classes 2017-2018

Turkish Cultural Center offers a wide range of classes along with Turkish language training programs.

All are easily accessible and professionally introduced. 

 Our well-designed curriculum is composed of 4 levels, each of which lasts for 10 weeks / 30 Chrs ( Classroom Hour is 50 min)

2017 Fall Session September 18th - Nov 20th

2018 Winter Session   January 8th -  March 12th

2018 Spring Session  March 19th - May 21st

2018 Summer Session June 4th - August 13th

Dates and Levels

3 Chours a week for 10 weeks ( Classroom Hour is 50 min)

A 1 Beginner Classes are every Monday at 6:00 PM

A 2 Pre-Intermediate Classes  are every Tuesday at 6:00 PM

B 1 Intermediate Classes are every Wednesday at 6:00 PM

B2 Upper Intermediate Classes are every Wednesday at 6:00 PM

C Advanced Classes are every Thursday at 6:00 PM

Our Turkish Classes Offer:

  • Interactive learning

  • Up-to-date books that are designed for adult learners

  • Cultural information

  • Unlimited communication with your instructor 

  • Conversation partners with native Turkish speakers

  • Plenty of tea and snacks

Turkish Cultural Center also provides opportunities for our students to participate in community events organized in our central office. 

These Events are: 

  • Family visits 

  • Picnic programs 

  • Cafe classes

  • Conversation partners 

  • Abroad trips

  • Cooking classes

  • Ebru classes

  • Turkish music programs

For more information: