Swedish K-5 Language Program in S.F. on Tuesdays Fall 2017

Swedish K-5 Language Program in SF on Tuesdays (5-10 years) 

Day/time: Tuesdays 4 - 6 pm.
Dates: August 22 - December 19 (No class on September 5) 
Cost: $435
Swedish Teacher:
 Jimi Stridsberg and Maria Svemark

Class description: The main goal is for children to advance their Swedish language skills, and to gain a better understanding of Swedish geography, history and culture. Each class offers an opportunity to work on Swedish language skills, art & craft projects, school work, circle time, and free play. Students should understand and speak Swedish upon enrollment. Please send a snack with your child.

Please complete the form to enroll in class (one form per student). Students cannot attend classes before the form is completed and signed. Print it out and bring it to the first day of classes:

Note: Cancellations made less than 2 weeks before classes start can be issued a partial refund of  75 % of full class tuition. Once classes start, the fee is non-refundable.

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