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Comics Journaling: Cartooning My World (Online)

Do you ever have a desire to document the world and happenings around you? This workshop date will help you learn how to use both text and visuals to document the world around you to be applied in real time from big history making happenings to everyday things often taken for granted. Participants will document aspects of their surroundings in a sketchnotes style drawing or loose sketchbook style cartoon.Comics Journaling workshops are designed for anyone age fourteen or older looking to explore creating art or cartooning through recording real life experiences. Comics Journaling workshops cover concepts around recording internal and external experiences combining visual depictions with the written word. Each workshop consists of 1 hour of workshop time (Greeting, Presentation, Prompt with Work Time, and Reflection) followed by 30 minutes with a Guest Speaker whose work relates to journal comics and memoir.Time: 4:00pm – 5:30pm Pacific
Ages: 14+ and adults
Cost: $20 (15% OFF for CAM Members*)
Location: ONLINE (details on registration page)