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Depth Hypnosis Supervisory: Shamanic Practitioners Virtual Workshop

This workshop offers an opportunity for students to present client cases and ask questions about the finer points of Depth Hypnosis practice. This format allows students to learn from the issues coming up in other people’s practices while receiving personalized attention regarding their own questions. Students can also ask for tips to help in the management of their practices. Applied Shamanic Practitioners may also bring case studies and ask questions about their client cases.This course will:
• Help you see how your work with others is revealing the finer points of Depth Hypnosis and Applied Shamanic Practice.
• Offer you personalized attention on issues that are important to you.
• Give you the opportunity to connect with other Practitioners in a collegial setting.You will find this workshop especially beneficial if you:
• Want to understand the requirements of the clinical setting better.
• Want support in deepening your confidence in the clinical setting.
• Want to hone your clinical skills.