Anna presler photo by vivian sachs 563x300

Left Coast Chamber Ensemble Free Online Concert

Left Coast Chamber Ensemble’s (LCCE) 2019-2020 Season culminates with Sheltering Music, a uniquely curated concert of solos and duets by Ensemble musicians that can be practiced and performed in the shelter of one’s home. The performance will be streamed live on Monday, June 1 at 7:30pm, either from the SF Conservatory of Music Recital Hall or from the musicians’ homes.Sheltering Music includes Beethoven’s rarely performed Piano Sonata, Op. 78, selected by Left Coast pianist Eric Zivian for its succinct beauty. Zivian also performs R Schumann’s Bird as Prophet, for piano. Flutist Stacey Pelinka brings her talent to another avian-inspired piece, Peter Vasks’ Landscape with Birds. “In this work, Vasks uses extreme contrasts between registers and short, rapidly repeating fingers to personify birdsong,” explains Pelinka. “The performer is required to sing while playing to create an unusual, mysterious effect.”The concert features the short film Cloisonné accompanied mesmerizing double bass music composed by Veronika Krausas and performed by LCCE’s Michel Taddei. Complementing the program are selections from Diaphonic Suite by Ruth Crawford Seeger and Gigue en Rondeau, a baroque work by Michel Blavet that Pelinka describes as “simple and haunting.” Anna Presler and Leighton Fong will play some of Jörg Widmannn’s tiny duos for violin and cello, and Left Coast clarinetist Jerome Simas performs Elliott Carter’s picturesque Steep Steps for bass clarinet. Plus, there will be more for viola and percussion.