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Free Haunted Hike at Stow Lake | Golden Gate Park

Halloween Addicts Group Support – A SF Bay Area Social Club is hosting a free haunted hike on March 14, meeting will be outside of the boathouse at 6 pm. Get to know the tail behind San Francisco’s most famous ghost story.“In the years before the 1906 earthquake, a beautiful young woman lived in the city with her infant child. One day, the woman decided to take her baby to Golden Gate Park for a jaunt around Stow Lake. While on their walk, the woman spotted a friend, and the two sat down on a bench to catch up.After a few minutes, the woman turned to check on her baby. To her horror, the pram was no longer beside her. In a panic, she ran around the lake, screaming for her child. The last anyone saw of her alive was when, in a moment of horrid realization, she ran into the lake.