Zelzah 72x72 art copy 563x561

Ned Evans’ Free Solo Art Exhibition | SF

Andrea Schwartz Gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition with Los Angeles based artist Ned Evans on February 26th at 5:30 pm.Ned Evans’ paintings push and pull the limitations of color-infused fractures, dissection, and re-assemblage of the geometric form. His artwork is an ongoing exploration of concave colliding with convex, and shadow colliding with light. The paintings emanate a powerful energy, though in each there exists quiet respites that can be found within the countless pathways and niches.Evans integrates fabric, paper, acrylic paint, and texture additive in his artwork to create complex interplays of varying surface textures. In shifting from gloss, satin, and flat varnishes, Evans adds richness to the artwork with his use of vibrant colors.