In order to become a PSID Authorized Signatory, you must attend an initial PSID Authorized Signatory Training Class and your company must be approved by Massport's Ground Transportation Unit prior to attending. The Massport Security Badge Office conducts PSID classes every Tuesday from 10:00am to 12:00pm, except on holidays recognized by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. If you register for a class, please attend or cancel in advance since size is limited and others may need the opportunity to attend.

Please bring two original forms of state or federal identification with you, one of which must be proof of Lawful Status.

The Training Room is located in the Security Badge Office. Please take a seat uppon arrival and the instructer will call you into the room.

For more information on the PSID program for Ground Transportation Providers, or for assistance with parking and transportation to and from the Security Badge Office, please contact Massport Ground Transportation at 617-561-1770.