Digital Transformation Boot Camp (3-Day Program in Silicon Valley)

About Digital Transformation Boot Camp:


Over the past decade, technology has been rapidly taking over the business world. New technologies, such as big data and analytics, cloud computing, blockchain, machine learning and artificial intelligence, were changing the mindset and rules of competition across all industries.

The question is: how can your business keep up and compete with the rapidly changing digital world?

To address the challenges global companies have today, Mission2Mars Academy is offering a three-day digital transformation boot camp for corporate executives and business owners that is aimed to digitally transform their company.

From company visits to innovation labs to corporate presentations to expert panels to startup-executive briefings, Mission2Mars Academy’s Digital Transformation Boot Camp will give you a complete understanding of current and future innovative trends that affect your business, and provide a full immersion experience to the world of digital transformation.

 Learn about the new technologies that are taking over large corporations and startups. Develop new ideas on what you can utilize in your business to increase efficiency and lead the competition. Engage with disruptive Silicon Valley startups and innovative companies about which best practices of digital tranfromation helped with them succeed.

Get Ready for the Future. Navigate your business strategy in new high tech world!


Who Should Attend: 

Corporate executives leading digital transformation initiatives in their companies and business owners looking to transform their businesses with new technologies


Program Agenda:

Briefing: The Digital Revolution

Day 1 : Upcoming Digital Technologies

Learn more about the upcoming and new digital technologies that are coming out and interact with the companies behind them.

Day 2 : Digitizing Your Company

Learn how other companies digitized their business and the impact that it made

Connect with unicorn startups that utilized the digital world in their innovation

Day 3 : Digital Transformation Bootcamp

Engage in activities that will help you navigate digital transformation in your business industry.  

Work together with Silicon Valley startups and build your digital transformation roadmap.

What You Will Learn: 

  • What are the new digital technologies that are taking over the world today? 

  • How new digital technologies can impact your business

  • How to implement new technologies within your business

  • How to transform your business. 

This 3-Day Digital Transformation Bootcamp Program includes: practical workshops, company visits, speaker talks, startup presentations, startup boot camp, consultations with experts and mentors, and Silicon Valley networking events.

  • Meet Silicon Valley corporate executives, mentors, and corporate innovation experts.

  • Work together with local founders, startups, and entrepreneurs.

  • Learn the best practices of digital transformation

  • Acquire new tools end strategies your business needs

  • Build new connections and meaningful partnerships in Silicon Valley. 

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