Mission2Mars Space Tech Tour (Visit 5 Disruptive Space Tech Silicon Valley Startups in 1 Day)

About Mission2Mars Space Tech Tour in Silicon Valley:


From sending tourists to Mars to integrating new technologies in their spacecrafts,

space tech has always been an innovative and ambitious world for tech and businesses alike.


Learn more about the upcoming space technologies and interact with space tech companies through the Space Tech Tour hosted by Mission2Mars Academy!


Space Tech Tour is a unique one-day experience for those who come to the Valley to learn about new technologies and meet disruptive startups – the “secret sauce” of Silicon Valley.  


In this tour, you will have an exclusive chance to visit the most disruptive innovative space tech companies in Silicon Valley and get hands on with cutting edge technologies and the hottest innovation trends in space.


Meet the founders and pioneers of innovative space tech startups that are creating the history.

What You Will Get:


  • Learn about the current trends and the future of Space Tech from the heart of Silicon Valley

  • Meet main Space Tech disruptors in person

  • Visit their startup companies

  • See and touch cutting edge space tech technologies

  • Get introduced to a unique spirit of innovation that you can find only in Silicon Valley

Who Should Attend:

Companies and individuals interested in space technologies.

Our tour will start from an introductory meeting at Mission2Mars.Academy. Please bring your ID with you.

In this tour you will visit 5 Space Tech Startups. The list of companies changes each week - you will receive your tour agenda and company meetings information after booking your tour.

Take a journey to the future with Mission2Mars.Academy.

Spend 1 full unforgetable day visiting Silicon Valley disruptive Space Tech startups. 

Best experience Silicon Valley can possibly offer! 

Please contact us at: if you have any questions.










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