Employment Taxes and Employer Responsibilities Seminar 12/05/2019 (Stillwater)

Take a guided tour through the maze of state and federal employment tax and other employer reporting requirements. Your tour guides will be experts from the Minnesota Department of Revenue, Minnesota Unemployment Insurance Program, Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Insurers Association, the Minnesota Department of Labor & Industry, and the United States Department of Labor.

Topics covered include:

In-Depth Discussions of:

  • Worker Status

  • Are your “Independent Contractors” really independent?

  • Employment Tax Withholding and Deposit Rules

  • Online Reporting

  • Quarterly and Annual Report Filing Requirements

  • Unemployment Insurance •Tax Rate Assignment

  • Wage Reporting

  • Benefit Account Issues

  • Online System Overview

  • Workers' Compensation Insurance Requirements

Overviews of:

  • State & Federal Labor Standards (Wage & Hour)

  • Employee Rights

  • Minimum Wage

  • Overtime

  • Hourly vs. Exempt Employees

See detailed agenda at:

Individuals with disabilities requiring accommodations to attend this seminar should contact the Minnesota Business Tax Education Partnership at or call 651-259-0779.