The "Inside Out" programme - Professional Skills Development

Trinity College Dublin Staff only

The focus of the “Inside Out” Programme is around Personal Wellbeing, Effectiveness and Resilience.

Benefits:  Following the programme participants will have the skills, techniques and knowledge to:

  • Recognise that “What’s going on inside determines what happens on the outside”,

  • Establish the link between stress, thoughts, emotional state and behaviour,

  • Address “Cul de Sac” behaviour and challenge unhelpful habits,

  • Avoid opening the “Angle of Misery” and adopt a strategy of realistic optimism,

  • Remove the barriers of “Boxes” for improved personal effectiveness,

  • Manage self limiting beliefs, fear and procrastination,

  • Restore a healthy Work/Life balance.

Useful Resource:   Building Resilience


Manager Approval:  It is the responsibility of each individual to obtain Line Manager approval prior to confirming your attendance at this induction day. 

Cancellation Fee:  There is no cost for staff attending this course but you will be asked for a departmental cost code on booking. Your department will be liable for a charge of €75 for 4 working days’ cancellation notice and €150 for 48 hours’ notice or non-attendance without prior cancellation by email to

Accessibility:   In accordance with the University Equal Opportunity Policy, the Staff Development Unit aims to provide accessible facilities for all staff.  Please let us know if you have any specific needs so we can be as accommodating as possible.

We offer a light lunch on our full day courses which consists of sandwiches, wraps, tea /coffee. We endeavour to accommodate allergies including coeliac; shellfish/nut allergies; and vegan/vegetarian staff. However we rely on the capacity of providers in this regard.  Participants are encouraged to make their own arrangements where this better meets their requirements.