In-Shelter Volunteer Orientation at FDR

Hi there,

We appreciate your interest in Family Dog Rescue!  Our in-shelter volunteers are so important to us; you truly help the shelter to run smoothly and help our dogs to have a great rescue experience. This training will teach you about Family Dog Rescue, how our organization runs, animal behavior, shelter cleanliness, and how to properly walk and socialize our rescue dogs.

Please RSVP to this event by selecting the date you are planning to attend from the drop down list.  The orientation lasts 2.5 hours and is held at our shelter, located at 2253 Shafter Ave. There is open parking in front, but we do recommend carpooling if possible. If you take public transit, please leave earlier than usual in order to make sure you are arrive promptly. When you arrive, head inside and up to the second floor. The Volunteer Room is the first door on the left. Class starts promotly so please be sure to arrive at least 5 minutes early.

We welcome volunteers of all levels of experience, but for safety and legal reasons, certain rules apply:

1. All shelter volunteers must be able to read and speak English 

2.  Anyone under the age of 18 can volunteer at the shelter, but must attend the training with their parent or guardian and always be accompanied by an active volunteer (18+) (i.e. sibling, cousin, family member) while volunteering.  The parent or guardian responsible must also attend the orientation or be an already active volunteer. 

3. Volunteers are required to commit to one, weekly, 3-hour shift for the first 3 months.  We request that volunteers to come in at a scheduled time throughout the week so that our dogs receive enrichment beyond the weekends or late week nights.

IMPORTANT:  If you are unable to attend the date you selected, please come back to this site and cancel your registration.  If you want to register for a different date, you may do so.  This makes room for other people who wish to register.  If you need help canceling a registration, please follow this link:

Thank you!