Pepperlane Boost: Sudbury, MA (Led by Renee Bordner)

As a mom and business owner, we know your time is precious.  That’s why Pepperlane created Boost events. Boost events are your opportunity to spend 90 minutes with a skilled facilitator and a table of other business owners to bring your business to the next level.

Boost Events are for you if:

  • You’re a mom (or mom-supporter!) running or growing an independent business

  • You’ve got a business idea, but you’re not quite sure where to start

  • You’re looking for a safe, supportive space to ask questions about your business and get honest feedback, delivered with kindness

  • You’re excited to help others succeed by sharing your feedback, expertise and connections

 At our Boost events, you’ll:

  • Meet up to 9 other attendees who are starting, running, or growing their own businesses

  • Get 5 minutes in the spotlight: receive immediate feedback on your top business challenge

  • Highlight your own expertise by helping others

  • Identify 1 Simple Act to move your business forward

  • Grant yourself time to focus on yourself and your business

Walking out of the event, you’ll leave with:

  • A new group to reach out to for meaningful advice, friendship, and inspiration

  • Fresh perspectives and actionable feedback to move your business forward

  • Tips from other attendees on how to avoid pitfalls they’ve experienced

  • Accountability and follow up on your 1 Simple Act

  • Motivation to take your business to the next level!

What others think:

"The Boost event exceeded my expectations. The ideas that were shared were truly valuable, the advice sincere, and the structure allowed us to cover a good amount of information. Compared to other networking events for moms, this one was a stand out for sure." - Silvia Zaharinova, Fun World Language Academy

"At my very first Pepperlane event, I met 3 people that I connected with and started working with them- I loved their energy and saw the real benefit they could bring to my business." - Pamela Willsey, Willsey Connections

"Being a new mom and a small business owner is rather isolating at times, but Pepperlane has provided me with an instant network of supportive women entrepreneurs that are facing similar day-to-day challenges. Being able to troubleshoot and problem solve together is incredibly powerful. I always leave Pepperlane events feeling energized, motivated and ready to tackle those challenging next steps with my business." - Kate Stella, Health & Wellness Coach

 *Please note that these events are designed for independently-owned businesses. If you're part of a multi-level marketing company and want to explore starting your own company, you are welcome to attend. This event is not designed to promote multi-level marketing ventures or any businesses that are not independently-owned. 

About the Pepperlane Leader:

Renee Bordner - Noteworthy Experiences

Renee opened her first private piano studio in PA in 2007. Since relocating to MA in 2012, the studio has expanded into a team of Note-worthy Experiences Music Studio instructors, offering more than 20 different instruments to over 350 students. Renee believes that once a student can read notes then he or she should have an active participation in choosing the music they learn to play. She enjoys teaching beginners and using positive reinforcement in lessons to foster a life-long love of learning music. Renee is also a wife and mom to two wonderful teens who started their own non-profit to put instruments in the hands of underserved children.