Shoobx Drive 2019 - Startup Fundraising Summit

Meet the Future of Fundraising

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On November 12, Shoobx Drive will open the startup fundraising black box and introduce you to a better way of raising capital. We will shed light on each part of the fundraising journey - exploring what happens after the term sheet - increasing your savviness and preparing you to raise your next round.

Entrepreneurs working to create successful companies will meet founders, investors, and innovation leaders who have excelled on this journey, and hear their advice on how you can take charge of your fundraise and avoid some common pitfalls. 

In an afternoon of talks and networking sessions, you can expect to make high-value connections and get tactical advice from all participants in the fundraising process. Get your ticket today to experience the future of startup fundraising! 

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Meet Our Speakers!

John Andrews, CEO at Celect Andy Ellner, Co-Founder and CEO at Firefly Health Otto Hanson, Founder at Citizn Company Chip Hazard, General Partner at Flybridge Michael Jabbawy, Partner at Morse Deb Kemper, General Partner at Golden Seeds William Kowalski, Co-Founder and CEO at Atomos Boris Lipchin, CEO and Co-Founder, Brio Systems

Lily Liman, Principal at Underscore VC Katherine Maxwell, Associate at Goodwin Rob McCall, Associate at .406 Ventures Shirley Mills, Director of Finance at Firefly Health

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