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What is this Techversity – Masterclass about?

Do you hear a lot about Agile in your environment? Ask yourself how to work with Developpers? Have a project that needs coding? Agile is a methodology with a set of tools that matches that need. In this sharing TechTalk, we shall discuss how Agile changes the industry, and how can it be integrated to your mindset and projects: challenges and opportunities

Key takeaways:
✔️The current landscape of project management in Tech
✔️Agile Vs Waterfall
✔️Agile process and toolkit
✔️Integration of Agile (Use case(s))

You will receive the slides and recording post-event
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Who needs to attend?
✔️Entrepreneurs at early-stage of their startup (esp. non-Tech Founders)
✔️Managers who are committed to improoving their efficiency 
✔️Jobseeking in a Tech company/Startup


About the Instructor: 

I help ambitious careerists and entrepreneurs in building their arsenal towards creative problem solving, authentic product design and development. My masterclasses are highly interactive and personalized. I look forward to having you onboard!


Relevent Experience:

  • Public Speaker: USA, Switzerland, France, Morocco, (+40 talks)

  • Author of “Can foresight be a way to build social peace? Foresight of the human right in Morocco by 2030 (Published in 2010)”

  • Scrum Master

  • Recipient of the 3 day Startup Lead Organizer of The Year 2016 (check it out!)

  • Certified-facilitator | 3 day Startup Austin, TX (3 day startup)

  • Founder of CreativeBox Coworking Space, Casablanca City, Morocco – the first tech-oriented coworking space in the kingdom.

  • 10 years+ consulting in Financial markets IT products (Trading, High Frequency trading, STP)

  • Founder of Zen Garage Academy – Blended education for car service industry

  • Founder of MyEHR - Electronic Health Record Apps for developing countries

  • PhD candidate at IPAG Business School of Paris, France

  • Board member of The GINA Project - Gamifying Precision Mental Health ( - Patent pending*






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