Certified Web Developer (30 days) LIVE Tutor-HTML,PHP,CI,JavaScript,MySQL

Learn how to create dynamic websites and portals by learning a full-stack web development course which includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, CodeIgniter and MySQL

Who this course is for:-

  • This course is intended for those who want to build their career as a full-stack web developer.

  • This course is also for university students, amateur students, and beginners who want to learn full-stack web development.

What Will You Learn:-

  • Build front-end site with HTML5 & CSS.

  • Use JavaScript & JQuery for the dynamic execution of elements.

  • Set up the Server and connect your web application.

  • Learn PHP to design the back-end of your web application.

  • Learn PHP framework - CodeIgniter.

  • Store, retrieve and update data in MySQL database.

  • Link Front-end, Back-end & Database and complete your web application.

  • Building a real-time professional project with all the languages used together.


  • Laptop with strong internet connection.

  • Headphones with mic.

  • Free zoom software installed for the video conference call.


  • Interactive LIVE online sessions with highly skilled tutors currently working in the industry.

  • Daily assignment and review.

  • Realtime doubt clearance.

  • HD quality video recordings and code snippets of courses on a daily basis.

  • No copyrights on the resources provided.

  • Full lifetime online access to resources.

  • Google drive access for viewing and downloaded yours and your teammates code.

  • Certificate on course completion.

  • Contact details of the tutor for doubts during and post-course.

  • Post sessions 3 months support for subject doubt clearance.

  • Post sessions 3 months support for interview clearance.

  • Real-life project experience in the guidance of experienced tutors.

Course Duration and Timings:-

  • Total 30 hours | 15 Sessions in 15 days | 2 hours per session.

  • Starting 1st November, every odd day of November month i.e: 1,3,5,7,...,27,29th day of November.

  • Timings: US Pacific time 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM every alternate day.


  • Early bird for opt-in till 20th October: USD 789

  • 20th October - 31st October: USD 890

  • Registration closes on the 31st of October.

Refund Policy:-
  • 100% refund minus transaction charges can be applied if the request is initiated 24 hours before the first session of the course


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  • INDIA: +91 (9136) 900-750

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