Three Part Conflict Resolution Certificate, John Reardon, MA

Workshop #1--10/18/19---9-4:30pm


DESCRIPTION: In this first Workshop, MAPS of Adlerian human development will be used to demonstrate the place of conflict in human living. Building on that, the three Life Styles Adler identified will be used to further focus the process of conflict. This review will sharpen the insight of those who want to facilitate and resolve conflict. These insights will be applied to three basic Conflict Styles. All of this will be accomplished within a case study, input, interaction and application experience.

OUTCOMES: By the time Participant/Facilitators leave this experience they will be able to:

---state why Conflict is Natural.

---conclude how to deal with the 3 Life Styles in a conflict situation.

---also conclude how to deal with the 3 Conflict Styles.

---apply the above to themselves as Facilitators, and to a given case study. 

Workshop # 2-- 11/15/19---9-4:30pm


DESCRIPTION: In the second Workshop the casework initiated in the 1st Workshop is moved a step further. The Reardon Creative Conflict Resolution Process (CCRP) is reviewed, demonstrated, and applied. Participant/Facilitators are encouraged in the use of "the Model". Two types of refinement are pursued---1) insight into conflict behaviors, and 2) use of the resolution process.

OUTCOMES: By the time the Participant/Facilitators leave this experience they will be able to:

---identify 3 important actions to take to create a "working alignment".

---differentiate the purpose and process between the 2 "movements" of the CCRP.

---experience the 1st "movement" and give and receive feedback from colleagues.

---given demonstration, identify areas of process confidence and struggle. 

Workshop # 3-- 12/13/19--- 9-4:30pm


DESCRIPTION: Experience says that this training makes individuals more aware, skillful, and confident when dealing with life conflicts. The training also creates willingness inside folks to facilitate and lead in resolution. In this workshop "the Model" is exercised and further refined. Within this experience, time and energy are used to deepen consciousness of overt and implicit leadership used in conflict work. Given suggestions about use of this newly acquired competence, Participant/Facilitators are guided in considering their own use.

OUTCOMES: By the time Participant/Facilitators leave this experience they will be able to:

---participate in a demonstration of the 2nd "movement" of CCRP and list refinements they will make in their work.

---in that demo, through the use of "parentheticals" identify aspects of leadership.

---in 2nd "movement" exercises give and receive feedback on leadership aspects.

---given suggestions about CCRP use, they will outline possible personal/professional uses of CCRP.

The workshop price includes John Reardon's book, Flight! Flee? Resolve?