Full Moon Flow and Chill: Halloween Hunter's Moon in Aries

Join Chrissy for a Full Moon lunar vinyasa flow and restorative meditation in the unique and inspiring Hive & Forge space.  Get a little festive and seasonal for this Halloween Hunter's Moon! 

The final harvest, known as Samhain or Halloween, focuses on reverence for our ancestors, and for mother earth as she provides her last bounty before her winter’s rest.This full moon, in Aries, asks us to harvest the energy from our inner selves as we release what no longer serves us during the final Halloween harvest. What old ancestral wounds can heal by harvesting our own inner strength?  What new paths can we manifest as the growing cycle comes to completion and and we pass into the new agricultural year?

Tap into the power of the moon and the vast universe beyond.

This workshop includes 90 minutes of yoga and crafting of a spell bag during meditation using magickal herbs and stones.  

Namaste Moon Child!

Bring a mat and any props you need for practice.