San Francisco Architecture Photo Workshop

Join international photographer, David Coleman, in this architecture photography workshop of iconic San Francisco's turn-of-the-century buildings and forgotten treasures. In this photography workshop you will learn the secrets on how to take stunning architecture photographs. Along the way David will share some of San Francisco's well kept secrets known only to a few historians.

What to bring:

Wide angle lens (the wider the better): 24-105mm or 16-35mm

Telephoto lens for close-ups

Macro lens for details

No Tripods!


  • Three hours of small-group and one-on-one instruction, in which David teaches how to capture a public space and compose a personal narrative with images. 

  • A virtual, one-hour photography critique session (held one week after the workshop), in which David provides constructive feedback and uses Adobe Lightroom to demonstrate best editing techniques for each workshop participant’s photographs.

Workshop is limited to 10 photographers so book soon before it gets sold out.

David Coleman
David Coleman Photography
(650) 619-4639