Coffee Class: Origin, Brewing and Tasting

Learn the craft - No experience required

Expand your knowledge and love for coffee through a comprehensive course on coffee history, brewing and tasting presented by Will Forsman, Co-owner of Cafe Steam. This course will provide hands on experience in the making of espresso, steaming milk and of course.. latte art! With 12 spots on two available class dates Oct. 12th & 13th, this makes for the perfect weekend activity for any couple or individual interested in furthering their love of coffee OR anyone interested in pursuing a career in coffee.

Course Breakdown

  • 1:50p - Arrive

  • 2p - Coffee Presentation (History of Coffee: From Seed to Cup)

  • 2:45p - BREAK

  • 3p - The Basics of Espresso Theory

  • 3:45p - Milk Steaming and Latte Art

  • 4:30p - Cupping, Brewing at home and water chemistry

  • 5p - END

Light snacks and drinks provided