Crossing Your Next Threshold Retreat (Twin Cities, MN)

Crossing Your Next Threshold

A three-day, ICF accredited retreat, built on the pioneering work of Dr. David Drake, the founder of Narrative Coaching, and his new work at Moment Institute.

Learn how to make REAL change in REAL time.


This retreat embodies our commitment to serious play; it is for people who are willing to move through their own rite of passage to discover what is calling them.

We are building a community of practitioners in the fields of coaching, psychology, therapy and healthcare and we also invite those who are ready to:

  • Invest in yourself to get really clear about what matters to you.

  • Free up more energy to do what you really want to be doing.

  • Make important choices in areas where you have felt stuck.

  • Work more as whole person and align your personal and professional life.

  • Tap into your inner wisdom to meet a need in the world you care about.


What to expect:

The retreat is led by Dr. David Drake and designed around the Narrative Coaching flow.  You will be asked to participate in powerful work with David; experiential practices, deep conversations with peers, and sharing stories in small groups. We begin by exploring what is true for you now, move through a series of powerful processes to shift your Narrative DNA, and end with an extraordinary experience to set you free to create what matters most to you.


Over the course of three days, you will join with others (maximum 20) in an intimate setting and be guided through a number of advanced processes David has developed to create sustainable breakthroughs. You will cultivate a deeper trust in yourself and others as you work on real issues in your life and work. You will be supported by a courageous community of peers as well as David and others who are trained in this work.


What we will do:

Day 1

  • Becoming more aware of the stories you are living now

  • Reconfiguring your relationship between the past, present and future

  • Releasing old stories that no longer serve you to free up time and energy

Day 2

  • Rewinding your stories to create new options and outcomes

  • Working with your Shadow to reclaim what you need to be more whole

  • Experimenting with new stories in a safe and generative space

Day 3

  • Gathering new resources and new stories you will in moving forward

  • Crossing a final threshold to bring your new stories to life

  • Consolidating and anchoring what you have achieved


Rather than an escape from life, this retreat is an immersion into life.  The process culminates in a powerful experience that for many people is life-changing. Please be mindful that the retreat may be emotionally impactful. We encourage participants to give themselves the sufficient time and space needed before returning to your daily schedule.


Ongoing Support:

As part of your retreat investment, you will gain complimentary access to our membership community and structured support materials for 60 days. This will enable you to:

  • Connect with your fellow retreat graduates to integrate your shifts, share your progress, and stay accountable.

  • Receive resources and attend webinars with David and others to support you on the other side of your threshold

  • Stay up to date with new developments and offerings from Moment Institute



As a result of attending this retreat, you will:

  • Release old stories and patterns; make new choices and commitments

  • Build relationships with people who are on a similar journey

  • Join the global community who are living and working this way

  • Receive 60 days of structured support to sustain your breakthrough

  • Gain access to our membership programs and opportunities

  • Earn 12 ICF Core Competency CCEUs

  • Have David sign your book!


Meals & Lodging:

  • Lunch & Tea/Coffee/Snacks are provided on all three days

  • Multiple accommodation options nearby

  • Variety of options for off-site dining options and evening activities



Learn with the Master:

The Crossing Your Next Threshold retreat is a product of two decades of scholarship and practice by Dr. David Drake. It brings together multiple disciplines and modalities to create a unique and transformative experience. Part of its magic is that each person is on their own personal journey yet part of a powerful peer learning process. David is the founder of Narrative Coaching and the author of Narrative Coaching: The Definitive Guide to Bringing New Stories to Life (2017). He has taught this work to over 15,000 people in twenty countries.


A master coach, facilitator, and thought leader, David is a Fellow for the Institute of Coaching at Harvard. The retreat offers the purest form of this work and an up-close opportunity to see a master in action. It draws on his deep knowledge of how to work with people’s stories in the moment, as seen in his over 50 publications, and his dedication to use this work in his own life and his work with organizations like Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Dropbox, Google, Nike, PwC, and numerous government agencies.


David founded Moment Institute to deepen our understanding of how to foster real change in real time. Its mission is to develop integrative practitioners who can work in transformative ways with personal, organizational and social narratives. MI’s approach is based in the belief that our stories are the source of our suffering and offer openings for our liberation. Read more about David and Moment Institute.