BLACKS, BELIEVERS & THE MONTESSORI WAY: "Montessori Roots Historical Truth"

In this workshop, we will unleash some hidden truths behind the African ethos, culture and long-standing pedagogical practices. We will have an opportunity to examine the pedagogical predecessors of the Montessori philosophy and reveal some instrumental congruences in the Montessori and African pedagogy that, when revered, not only challenge the modern day myths about Blacks in education today, but also clearly delineate the true liberatory purpose of education.

"Montessori Roots Historical Truths" is the first of a year-long series of workshops in 2019-2020 as a part of the "Blacks, Believers & the Montessori Way" community awareness and empowerment campaign.  

The workshop is free and open to the public, but pre-registration is required and space is limited.  

The "Blacks, Believers & the Montessori Way" campaign is sponsored by IMPACT LIVING Christian Center, a non-denominational faith community led by Black leaders, as a part of its planning process for opening an all-boys, Christian Montessori school. 

Special thanks to the Wildflower Foundation for serving as a collaborating partner and sponsor of this workshop.  For more information, contact us at