Marin Fencing Academy and Ludus Training Foundation Open House

Marin Fencing Academy and Ludus Training Foundation would like to invite our community of fencers, parents, friends and neighbors to spend a few hours learning about our programs and ideas about involving our community more.

Marin Fencing Academy ( is an accredited member of US Fencing (, providing recreational and competitive fencing instruction. Our coaches are nationally and internationally certified in this oldest modern Olympic sport.

Ludus Training Foundation is a 501c organization dedicated to teaching sports to those requiring special assistance, financial or physical. We will be focusing on para Olympic fencing and training special needs individuals.

Meet 5-time Olympian Dorina Vaccaroni (Italy). Maestra Vaccaroni coaches at MFA and is the Honorary Chairperson of the Ludus Training Foundation. Dorina has won gold, silver, and bronze Olympic medals as well as 5 world cup titles. She is also a professional ultra cyclist, holding various championship titles around the world in long distance cycling.

Join Maestra Vaccaroni, MFA coaches Mark Ongsitco, Carmelo Felix, and Richard Vidor for to explore fencing as  part of our community

Events details

  • Wine and cheese reception

  • Live music

  • Fencing demonstrations

  • Free fencing lessons

  • Discounted MFA and Ludus programs sign-ups.

The fall is an especially good time to try out one of the greatest (and oldest) Olympic sports. Children and adults of all ages are welcome. We have students as young a 5 and adults in their 80s. This is a lifetime sport that provides…

  • Health and wellness

  • Mental agility

  • Scholarships at the finest universities

  • Discipline in every-day life

  • Fun

Sign up now so we can plan on accomodating everyone!