FAST PATH - Start Up Business in 7 Weeks [MA]

This is a Free activity.

We are building a business in 7 weeks and invite you to follow along through weekly summary emails.

We will develop a business step by step to reach product market fit. Lots of insights and lessons learned. Lots of value will be provided including:

  • What are the four necessary steps to get from idea to product market fit?

  • How do you confirm, right away, that customers really want your idea / solution? 

  • How can I reach product market fit in 7 weeks?

  • How do you remove the risks in your startup idea and execution? 

  • What should you and your team focus on and what should potentially be done by freelancers?

  • How do you set the right price for your product / service? 

  • How do you determine the best channel(s) to sell to your customers?

This is a invaluable opportunity to follow along as a business is being built.  You don't want to miss out!

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Want To Be An Active Participant In Creating the Business?

Are you interested in more than following along? Work alongside us every step and learn how to create an operational business in 7 weeks.

At the end of the 7 weeks we will have created a live, operational business!

Detailed Worksteps:

  • Specify differentiation

  • Evaluate growth accelerators

  • Determine show stoppers

  • Test Idea

  • Idea validation

  • Initial team

  • Product-market discovery

  • Product

  • Distribution

Private Discussion Group

Core Team Participant - Work with the core team as a fully participating member.

Decisions - Provide your voice in team decisions.

This is not an online course, slide presentation, webinar, or video. It is an experienced team creating a business in real time. Being involved through every step of its creation will provide you invaluable knowledge, insights, and experience to then go and build your own business.

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David Ortiz, Capabuild

David spent many years, as a consultant and then Partner at PwC and IBM, helping start-ups and businesses. He brings his accumulated knowledge, experience, and insights on how to start and grow online / internet businesses.