Introduction to Entrepreneurship (ENTR 101)

An introductory credit course that's a must for aspiring entrepreneurs! Now Open for Registration!

This course provides a practical and project-based approach to learning entrepreneurship, which includes field trips or immersion visits, podcasts, video conferencing, consultation with Entrepreneurs-In-Residence and participation in workshops facilitated and delivered by startup founders, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and industry leaders. Class lecture is very minimal as this is an applied course using a flipped classroom modality. The final project is an actual product and service prototype to be launched and pitched during the Startup Pitch Competition.

Course Name: ENTR 101 Introduction to Entrepreneurship

CRN: 79066

Course Schedule : Wednesday, 2:10 to 5:00pm

Duration : August 19 to December 20, 2019

Location: Ocean campus, Cloud 230

  • ENTR 101 is an introductory course that leads to a Certificate of Achievement in Entrepreneurship, and is transferable to CSU

  • The course will be facilitated by the instructor together with series of guest speakers and subject matter experts from the industry, founders and entrepreneurs

To register for a class, go to to confirm your RSVP from this site.  

For more information, visit or email or call . (415) 452-5183