EBA Grad Class

Jumpstart your joy in learning!

The weeklong EBA Grad Class is a hands-on course that trains teachers to engage students in rigorous academic discourse and argumentation.  Together, participants form a collaborative learning community and dive into the work in both cross-disciplinary grade level and content groups.  Participants walk away with a portfolio of activities that can be integrated into their curriculum and used immediately in their classrooms. While the course is targeted for middle and high school teachers, elementary school teachers have taken the course and found it to be of great value and relevance, too!

Course Offering: 2 credits

  • Instructional focus on classrooms centered in student argumentation, voice, and collaboration

  • EBA Toolkit included: binder, flash drive, exclusive access to online resources

  • Experiment in EBA learning labs with real-time feedback

  • Networking and community building with educators

For questions or information, contact Kim Willingham,