Finding Lasting Love With Online Dating

Please note:  It's imperative that you are on time for this event as Karen begins the workshop right at 7 out of respect for your time. This workshop will end at 9 and there will be an extra 1/2 hour for questions and answers for those who want to stay til 9:30

You want to have a great relationship with someone you love, who loves you right back, and where both of you feel safe to be all of who you are, right?

And you’ve tried all sorts of things to meet that person, including, maybe, online dating. Maybe you’ve joined the ever-growing crowd of people who complain about online dating as a waste of time, or a place where you’ll only meet people who have no interest in a real relationship, or even, a place to be scammed.

Here’s the scoop: yes, those things are happening to people.
And here’s the rest of the scoop: there are also thousands and thousands of people who are meeting great partners, and are building lives together.
So, what separates the first group from the second group?

Two things:
Having an effective profile, and having the right kind of attitude and perspective.
You may meet the love of your life at the grocery store, sure. But if you’re not doing online dating (correctly), you’re bypassing a lot of eligible singles.
So maybe you’ve been part of the “This isn't working!” group, and you want to join the “Wow, this is awesome!” group.

If so, you’ll want to be there for a very informative evening where you’ll learn what those people are doing who are having fun, meeting great men and women, and all as a result of online dating. Come…join us! Learn how you can have online dating lead you to finding lasting love!

Presenter: Karen Jones, founder of The Heart Matters, a relationship training company, has been helping men and women learn how to have scrumptious relationships, online and offline, since 1997. To learn more about Karen, please visit her website: