Critical Incident Response for Managers & Supervisors


This course 24 hour course is designed to help the Field Supervisor prepare for and manage major tactical events. Our goal is to prepare the new or returning Supervisor to be an effective leader at a Major Call or Critical Incident and to give the experienced Field Supervisor a solid refresher course on response to these Critical Incidents. This course is designed to provide a comprehensive review of current field practices, with an emphasis on the use of a four-step Critical Incident Response Plan that will be developed in class. The student will participate in case studies and tabletop classroom exercises.

- Role of the Field Leader
- Department Initiated v. Suspect Initiated Events
- Common Points to all Critical Incidents
- Active Shooter Incidents, Violent Intruder, Barricades, etc.
- Advantages of the Suspect v. Responding Officers
- Mutual Aid Issues
- Evacuation v. Rescue
- Role of the Fire Department
- The Law Enforcement Role in a Mass Casualty Incident
- Crisis Media Relations
- Establishment of a Criitical Incident Response Plan
- Development of a Critical Incident Checklist
- Terrorism Issues
- Less than Lethal Devices and Deployment Tactics
- High-rise Building Tactics
- SEMS/NIMS and the L.E. Incident Command System
- The Concept of Unified Command in a Tactical Event

We have taught components of this course across the United States in 1-3 Day blocks from 10 to 300 students at a time. Our instructors will come to your facility to teach your students.

This class is POST Plan Certified IV  - Tuition is $390.00 for CA POST Agencies. 7290-24201-19002

Out of State  - Certified for DHS/UASI Funding