The Culinary Dude's Kids Summer Cooking Camp-Ages-5-14-Harry Potter Inspired Recipes-5 Days-San Francisco

This session is limited to 24 participants

For all the Harry Potter fans out there, this camp is for you! For this week, we will be creating an amazing array of Harry Potter inspired recipes that will both fill you up and gross you out! Yummy, yummy for all of our tummies!

Day 1- Quidditch Players Pie, Sticky Toffee Pudding, Malfoy’s Pumpkin Smoothie, Hogwarts House Salad, Hermione's Sweet Potato Casserole

Day 2- Dobby’s Bouillabaisse, Aunt Petunia’s Baked Custard Pudding, Polyjuice Potion Smoothie, Crookshank’s Stuffed Piroshky Draughts, Sirius Black’s Curried Vegetables

Day 3- Pettigrew’s Roast Turkey with Wild Mushroom Gravy, Lily Potter’s Scottish Cranachan, Butter Beer Smoothie, Weasleys’ Dragon Roasted Nuts, Harry's Herbed Roasted Potatoes

Day 4- Bottomless (because magic) Plates of Sandwiches
French Toast Monte Cristo, Veggie Hummus Panini, Bacon Wrapped Grilled Cheese Waffle Sandwich, Hagrid’s Rock Cakes, Amortentia Punch Smoothie

Day 5- Breakfast for Lunch, Bacon, Homemade Butter, Eggs-Scrambled & Fried, Homemade Baked Sausages, Fried Tomatoes, Porridge, Homemade Rolls, Harry's 11th Birthday Cake

Our hands-on cooking camps will enable kids to find their inner chef. The Culinary Dude has created a wonderful collection of daily menus that the kids will cook themselves. Using the fresh ingredients, fun and interactive cooking techniques, the kids will prepare meals from scratch each day as they learn kitchen and food safety, professional kitchen etiquette, measuring ratios, prep skills, and table manners. In addition to a wide variety of tactile recipes, kids will participate in additional food-related activities. All camps include lunch for all campers. We offer a variety of cooking camps throughout the year with a wide array of themes. We are a nut-free business and use sunflower seeds, SunButter & Wowbutter as a nut replacement unless otherwise requested. Your children are not numbers to us! Unlike other programs who just want your money, our focus is to cater to each child individually, help them where they need improvement and cap our class numbers to keep the class intimate, so your child does not get lost in the masses and feels like they are truly a part of the whole.

The kids will be working together during the morning and afternoon to create their lunch for that day. Each meal includes a main dish, side dish, vegetable or fruit dish and a dessert. We will be creating up to 6 recipes.

Early Bird Sign Up- $425

Early Bird Sign Up #2-$450

Regular Price-$470

Single Day Sign Up-$120

Early Drop Off care from 9am-10am at $15-After Camp care from 2pm-3pm at $15

Both AM & PM will be offered for $25 a day OR $100 for AM & PM all 5 days