The Way of the Empath with David Sauvage

The Way of the Empath is a combination talk and workshop that will leave you feeling deeply connected to your own empathic abilities. David will cover:

  • The origin and history of the word empath -- and how to think about the term today.

  • The basic tricks for shielding yourself and protecting yourself from others' energies.

  • What to do when there's no easy way to disentangle yourself from another.

  • What the healing journey for an empath is likely to look like.

There will be exercises, Q&A, good old fashioned teaching, and spontaneous moments of actual empathy. David will also likely work with people one-on-one while everyone looks on, so you can see a master of empathy in action.

Early Bird $25 // At the Door $30

David Sauvage is known as the "empath of empaths." An empath is someone who can feel the emotions of others. David has the ability to feel what is happening within you and provide insight about how to process what you're going through. You will come away with a deeper connection to your own truth. In addition to working with individuals, David has turned intuitive readings into performance art and theater. The Guardian and Vice featured him as a master of his unique craft. He teaches fellow empaths how to thrive in online classes. He's fresh of creating a popup store in the East Village in New York City which offered empathy to people walking in off the street. And he consults with investors and philanthropists to help them align their capital and their hearts. To learn more about David visit and @empathnyc on Instagram.