Nutrition 101 Workshop

In this beginner-friendly, interactive workshop, we will discuss how to decide:

  • What to eat - Nutrient dense ingredients, minimally processed that support your body and provides you enough energy to hit your goals

  • How much to eat - Portions based on your size and goals 

  • When to eat - Meal timing around workouts 

Our holistic, sustainable approach is in support of long-term changes (not just for a fixed period of time) that allow you to do the activities you choose without feeling restricted or unfulfilled.

We will discuss:

  • hydration

  • sleep

  • travel

  • meal prep

  • restaurant eating

  • supplementation 

You'll take with you:

  • a grocery list (plant-based and omnivorous)

  • sample one-day meal plan - you'll get to create your own too! 

  • ongoing resources for one-on-one support and reading recommendations, along with a 4-week hosted Facebook group where we will provide ongoing support with meal prep tips, recipes, and Q&A