Crystal Journey

Each month a new healing topic is discussed in order for you to add it to your toolkit. This month we’ll cover mindset. How you can use it to aid the healing process. Your mindset has the abilty to open your life to so much more potential. Below is a general schedule.

• First a Selenite Wand Sweep clears the energy that no longer serves you.

• Then a grounding meditation re-establishes your connection to the earth.

Setting an intention lets the crystals know what you are seeking.

• Elizabeth chooses a crystal for you to work with, dependent on your aura.

• A guided meditation connects you with the crystal and helps unlocks its gifts.

Singing bowl therapy balances the chakras & further infuses the crystal into your aura

• Finish the night with a mini intuitive reading by blind drawing a stone.

 *** Please bring a journal, yoga mat or towel, plus a blanket