NSF-sponsored Workshop courses - Summer 2019

Through the help of our ONR grants, we have developed a series of nineteen graduate-level courses in areas related to power systems.  Most of them have been uploaded to the CUSP website ( from where all their content can be downloaded free-of-charge by anyone without becoming a CUSP member.

Now, through an NSF grant, we have the opportunity to familiarize these semester-long courses to faculty members who may be interested in teaching them at their home institutions to their own students. However, anyone else can also participate. We are organizing the following seven courses in July.  


  1. Power Generation, Operation and Control (July 10-12)

  2. High Voltage Insulation Technology Related to Power Systems (July 10-12)

  3. Power Electronics for the Grid Integration of Renewables, Conservation and EV Charging  (July 17-19)

  4. Digital Control of Power Electronics (July 22-24, 2019)

  5. Vector Control in Electric Drives - Analysis, Simulation and Practical Implementation for Electric Vehicles, Wind Turbines and Robotics (July 24-26)

  6. Power System Protection (July 29-31)

  7. Finite Element Analysis for Designing Electrical Apparatus: Electric Machines (July 31- August 2)

All these courses will be conducted by the course developers themselves.   

All the material for these courses can be downloaded from the CUSP website and reviewed prior to registering, 

The deadline to register for any of these courses is July 1, 2019. The registration fee is at the flat rate of $25.00 per participant, independent of the number of courses selected. Please note that each course-capacity is limited and therefore select only those course(s) that you intend to attend, in order not to deny others from registering.

To register for the workshop of interest, click on the ticket [in green] at the top of the page.

See attachment for a brief description of each of these courses. 


1.  All courses will be offered each day during 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, with an approximately one-hour lunch break. These times are CDT, except course 2 during EDT and course 7 during PDT.

2.  These courses will be taught through zoom and clear instructions will be provided to the registrant on how to participate with zoom.

3.   Although the teaching mode may vary from one course to another, but in general the following procedure will be followed: In the beginning, the instructor will provide the course overview and the learning objectives for the 3-day course. Subsequently, the instructor will assign a portion of the recorded video, already on CUSP, to be viewed in a designated time, for example 45 minutes, followed by the discussion of it, and problem-solving, during the next 30 minutes, for example. This procedure will be repeated all three days, followed by a summation at the end of the course.

4.  There is no need to buy any textbooks to follow along.

5.  You can register for as many courses as you wish for a single registration fee of 25 dollars. Also, multiple people can follow along in a group setting with a single registration and a single email (not multiple emails).

6.  You are welcome to record these courses and share later on. We will not be recording them.

Please feel free to contact Ned Mohan at if you have any questions.