Improv from the Heart: FREE Summer Session

This is our Free Summer class. Please only register if you can attend at least 2 out of the 3 sessions.

Take your acting skills and talent to a new place. In Improv from the Heart you’ll learn to listen fully and respond truthfully on stage. This is an improv class for those serious about acting. 

Most of the class will focus on:
Meisner Technique,  Spolin Theater Games , and improvised scenes.

Throughout the class you will be asked, pushed, and encouraged to listen fully. You will be asked to give up the internal judge. We ask that you not judge yourself or your partner. We will work on responding from a place of emotional truth. Your acting will become more grounded and you will become a more confident performer and person.

The class will hone 
two of the most important on stage skills (and life skills) listening and responding truthfully. We'll explore exercises that will sharpen your listening skills and help you explore your feelings and the emotions of the scene. People will love performing with you. You’ll become a more giving performer.

This is not a class in quick wit, fast theater games or competing for attention. You’ll be pushed throughout the class with exercises that explore vulnerability, emotion and connection.

We ask that your heart be open and your ego on hold during the class. Review of IFH

The beginning sessions will focus on creating a safe space free of judgement where the work can be explored without attachment. The self critic and judge will be asked to step out of the room so we can work at getting to the truth of the individual moments.

This class isn’t for everyone.
This class is for those that want to experience the depth and range of their characters. It is for performers that want to live truthfully in the given circumstances of the scene. The scenes explored will be organically dramatic or comedic (or both).

It is for performers that want to grow emotionally. It is for performers that want to feel more alive both on stage and off.

If you are willing to jump in prior experience is not required. 

If you need to be funny or the star this class won’t be for you -
unless you are willing to let go of these needs and learn to work from the heart rather than the head (ego).

There will be outside work required. You must also be willing to meet with a practice partner at least once per week to sharpen the work we do in class.

Throughout the class we will be listening for the message our partner gives us rather than just the words they use.
Think about it as improvising from the heart rather than the head.

The exercises will make it easy to make your partner "look like a poet, artist or genius" on stage and help your partner do the same for you.  You will learn to be a team player on stage 
or as we say at Pan a humble star.
We suggest registering early. This sells out.
We are limiting enrollment in this class to 24 performers. 

Class Bonus:
You get punch cards for 4 sessions of the Improv Dojo for free
when you register for Improv from the Heart. The Dojo is Pan's super
popular drop-in improv class. The tickets are good for one year. 
The Dojo cards are a $80 value. 

Please note pictures and video may be taken during the class.