Turfgrass Maintenance Training and Certification

Training description from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency website.

The summer turf grass maintenance training focuses on best management practices (BMPs) for lawn/turf care maintenance. 

Topics covered in the training

  • How does turf management affect local lakes and rivers

  • Equipment calibration

  • Selection and application of fertilizers

  • Mowing techniques

  • Pesticide application tips

  • Best Practices for Turf Management

  • Legal issues and additional resources

You will also walk away with practical in-the-field materials you can use, such as a turf care matrix.

Who should participate?

  • Contractors maintaining private/public grounds

  • Employees maintaining park, cemetery, city and/or school grounds

  • Property managers writing contracts

  • Distributors of turf care products

Why is it important?

This class will help you:

  • Save money

  • Protect our lakes and streams

  • Get certified!

Class instructors include:

  • An environmental specialist

  • An academic turf expert

  • A field expert

Get certified

Testing for the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Level 1 Certification: Summer Turf Care Best Practices is offered at the end of the workshop. The training will also include a voluntary commitment option to implement the Best Management Practices taught in the training.

A voluntary certification will be issued by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to participants who:

  • take the training

  • pass the test

  • voluntarily commit to implement the BMPs

Contact Maya at with questions.

 Funding for these workshops is provided by MPCA through a grant from US EPA, Section 319 Nonpoint Source Management Fund, and Riley Purgatory Bluff Creek Watershed District.

 The course and materials were originally developed for the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization by Fortin Consulting, Inc. Content was created and reviewed through extensive collaboration with local experts.