Bay Area Summer Camps 2019

Get ready to claim your spot before it's too late; this summer is gonna be delightfully delicious! Our week-long camps are an intensive, culinary experience chock-full of hands-on cooking classes in outdoor kitchens and restaurants, farm harvests, market challenges, cook-offs, blindfolded palate play…and so much more! Kids ages 7-12 are welcome to join us in our culinary crusade!

Dates, Ages, Locations

East Bay Camp Weeks have a majority of drop-offs and pick-ups at Sprouts' Outdoor Garden Kitchen at 1309 Allston Way, Berkeley. During the day, we travel to local gardens, restaurants and markets!
SF Camps Weeks have alternating drop-offs and pick-ups at Alemany Farms and Macys at Union Square. During the day, we travel to local gardens, restaurants and markets. 

Camp Tuition (Per Week): $680*
*Receive a $102 refund with our company matching program 
*$405 of your tuition fee is a charitable deduction and sponsors underserved youth in the Bay Area train to become professional chefs. Thank you for your support!

Sample Itinerary

Here's an idea of what a typical East-Bay camp week looks like! 

Welcome to camp! We'll break the ice with a few culinary games, and then learn key knife skills as we whip up garden-fresh panzanella salad and bean burgers with a guest chef from Third Cousin. Next, we'll bus to the farmer's market for a scavenger hunt with our local farmer friends. Before we leave, we'll pick up a few ingredients for our next activity - A "Chopped"-style cooking game at Chop Bar Commissary Kitchen! If we're lucky, we might even get to whip up a sweet surprise at the end!

Drop-Off: Sprouts' Outdoor Garden Kitchen, Berkeley
Pick-Up: Chop Bar Commissary Kitchen, Oakland

Lights! Camera! Action! We'll be cooking Moroccan fare on camera with youth chef Cole. Tell all your friends- the class will be aired on Cole's Kitchen Youtube Series! We'll break down the set and head over to Jack London Square's Lungomare where the head chef will teach us how to make handmade pasta and gelato. If we have time, we'll get to stop by Baia Pasta and get to see professional, Italian pasta in the making (and grab a sample for our parents!)

Drop-Off: Sprouts' Outdoor Garden Kitchen, Berkeley
Pick-up: Lungomare, Oakland

Today is gonna be sweeeeeeet. We'll kick off the morning by flipping our very own sweet and savory crepes. We don't cut corners here ... which means whipping up our own homemade cream as well! Next stop is Gill Tract Farm for some gardening 101. Don't forget to pick a handful of herbs because the next recipe is ... pizza! Yep, you heard right. We'll be making homemade flatbreads (with homemade ricotta!) right in our outdoor pizza oven. 

Drop-Off: Sprouts' Outdoor Garden Kitchen, Berkeley
Pick-Up: Sprouts' Outdoor Garden Kitchen, Berkeley

Field trip! Today we'll be getting our hands dirty at Alemany Farms in SF as we harvest and learn the basics of urban farming. But wait, it gets better. The head chef from Dorian Restaurant will come along to show us how to cook up a farm-fresh family meal! Before hitting the road back to Berkeley, we'll stir up some homemade fruit sodas and call it a day. 

Drop-Off: Sprouts' Outdoor Garden Kitchen, Berkeley
Pick-Up: Sprouts' Outdoor Garden Kitchen, Berkeley

Today's the day! We'll prepare for an epic cook-off with Guest Chef Adrian formerly of Michelin-star restaurant, Campton Place. We'll bus to Sprouts Farmer's Market where each team will get to pick out a special ingredient. While we're there, the store manager will challenge us to an ingredient hunt and a blind-fold palate game. Back at our home base, we'll culminate the week's culinary frenzy in an epic cook-off. May the most delicious dish win!
Drop-Off: Sprouts' Outdoor Garden Kitchen, Berkeley
Pick-Up: Sprouts' Outdoor Garden Kitchen, Berkeley

*The class fee does not include transportation between culinary sites or personal market money.
*Because we cook with real chefs, our schedules are subject to change 

Get a $102 Refund with Sprouts Company Matching ProgramAs a non-profit, the generosity of community members and local companies makes everything we do possible! Receive a 15% refund on camp and benefit tickets by submitting a Sprouts-issued receipt to your company matching program. Receive a 10% refund on birthday parties and after school tuition. Email us for a donation receipt and submit your match today!