InsurTech FUSION Summit 2019 | Rise of a Digital Insurance Industry | LIFE, WEALTH, HEALTH and P&C 2.0

Why Attend this Event?

Gain insight into the innovation and companies setting the competitive bar for 2020 in the P&C Personal & Commercial, Workers Comp, and Life, Wealth, Health markets.

SVIA is a member-based insurance innovation accelerator, not an event company. We live, eat and breathe the ideas, people, trends, technologies, and companies shaping the industry’s future daily.

As an example, we’ll be sharing the insights and solutions that will be coming out of the seven innovation zones our newly launched Insurance Innovation Consortium is working on. We’re also premiering a new Digital Transformation Benchmarking Report you can measure your plans against.

This event will help you do one thing better than any other:

Develop a deeply informed 2020 Innovation Business Plan aligned with the rapidly changing competitive landscape.

  1. InsurTech FUSION: Rise of a Digital Insurance Industry packages what we are learning as a leading innovator into a powerful agenda that provides you critical insight you can use to refine your company’s strategy.

  2. Our agenda isn’t a random series of sales pitches. It provides you with hard-hitting material organized to help you develop an integrated innovation business plan, one rich with examples and lessons learned.

  3. We work hard with each of our speakers to deliver true thought leadership presentations that align with the summit goals, instead of random brochureware sales pitches.

  4. We provide you video of all the sessions, something no other event does to share with your decision makers and teams back home.

We know you have a choice. Join us for a TEDx level experience

This isn’t just another InsurTech event. Discover and Connect with the insights and people you need to get buy-in on the ideas and resources you need to deliver a successful innovation plan.

Meet and see Startups participating in Sessions, Startup Showcases, and at the InsurTech Expo. You can schedule meetings using our Brella app with them and other attendees.

Can’t come in person? Join us virtually and still get the videos afterward.