Technology Valuation

Please note, this workshop is for B-BIC or Harvard Catalyst members only. If you are unsure if you qualify as a B-BIC or Harvard Catalyst member, please contact before registering. 

About this Workshop:

A laptop or tablet that has Excel is required for this workshop, we will be working with excel templates. 

Being able to communicate the value of your idea is critical to build interest, recruit a team, and most importantly, attract funding for your project.  Revenue modeling and forecasting is far from an exact science, and the real benefit is derived from gaining a better understanding of the commercial landscape and explaining the assumptions intrinsic to your model.

Who should take this workshop:

  • Scientists, engineers, and clinicians interested in biomedical innovation

  • Investigators developing device, diagnostic, or therapeutic technologies.

  • Technology transfer personnel who work with investigators

What participants will learn:

  • How to build a revenue model using an excel template

  • Account for major expenses and development costs

  • Calculate risk-adjusted net present value (NPV) of your idea.

About the Instructor: Ajoy Basu, PhD

Ajoy is a technical professional with 20 years of experience in leading teams introduce products in medical device, consumer goods and other industries. He strives to accelerate launch of successful products by leveraging data to optimize the intersection of marketing (requirements), engineering (specifications) and manufacturing (processes). Ajoy has worked at GE, Covidien and other companies prior to starting his consultancy - alpha2infinity. He has a PhD in materials science from the University of Michigan.